Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flight of the Butterfly Suitcase and Card set Class offered again

Hi All,

It has been crazy week so far and I am glad tomorrow is Friday! Work has been busy, which is good, because time seems to go by fast when you are doing something. And I have another busy day tomorrow.
The rain is gone (for now) and the sun came out (about time). The flooding was all around us, but we were lucky and are not affected by the flood. We stayed dry, except a leek in the Master Bathroom from the HVAC vent (because we are on the 3rd floor), hey but we can deal with it. They fixed it today! We even thought about hitting the pool, but I had very bad headache, so we went home after work, and I hit the bed :P until now 10.35pm LoL. I have several creations to share with you, but I still need to take pics. I will be posting one soon.

ANyway, to make the long story short, the Flight of the Butterfly class has been a big hit. And I got few requests if it'll be offered again.
The registration for the class is until September 30th, and the classes will be mailed to you around the middle of October.
So here it is. More details about the class you can find HERE

Flight of the Butterfly Suitcase and Cards set

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