12 Days till Christmas Class DVD-s


Hi all,

I have finally prepared the material for the 12 Days till Christmas class DVD-s. I  had to put the videos,  pictures, supplies etc. on 2 DVD as there are a lot of files and videos. :)

If you are an online class attendee, please purchase the DVD through the class site (it's $11 for class attendees, since they have paid for the class).

Otherwise, the set of DVDs is $37 and you can order it by clicking on the add to cart button bellow. As well bellow you can see how the cover looks like. I used MDS to design it.

Note: even thought the 12 days till Christmas class is over you can still take it, the site will be open 3 more months
Coming up: Clean and Simple 12 Days till Christmas Cards online class (clean and simple cards) starts December 1st.