Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nugget Tin Dividers Video Tutorial

I had a lot of questions about the dividers, ribbon spools and tins from the Tags till christmas nugget tin I posted yesterday. I decided to do a little video. Sorry for the many aah-s in the video...LoL...Not good idea doing a video late at night.

Here are the resources:

Nugget tins : are the Window Hinged Square & Rectangular Tin Cans 5 1/4" x 3 3/8")
Ribbon spools: (you can find them in any craft store that has wood crafting section, too)
5" x 5 1/4" piece dsp (score the 5" side at 2 1/4" , 3" and 3 3/4"
2 1/4" x 6 3/4" piece dsp( score the 6 3/4" side at 2 5/8", 3 3/8" and 4 1/8")


  1. Love it!
    I don't mind your "ahhhhs." It's so good to hear your voice!

  2. Thank You for doing the Video. It helps us alot.


  3. Woo Hoo! I am so glad you are doing videos now! I am such a visual learner! I just love your creations! Thanks for sharing! I have a question for you? What do you use to record your videos? You can e-mail me too.

  4. Love the video!! thanks so much. I didnt even notice the ums as I was paying attention to what you were doing. Thanks so much for doing this.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I thought your video was very nice.

  6. Thank you thank you for all the great nugget tin samples and for the store where i can buy them...i need to get a bunch! Your samples are amazing!

  7. Thanks for the extra info...great project!

  8. What ared the dimensions of the spools? I want to order some but don't know the right size to fit the tin. Thank you.


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