Announcing: Online Watercoloring Class

*** little explanation about the online watercoloring class. You don't need to follow the class the same days the videos are posted, you can take it at your own pace. The private blog will be available at least for several months, and I am looking how to make the videos being available even longer (need to do little research)***

Hi all,

Many people who can't attend the Watercoloring class , for many different reasons, like not living in the US etc, asked if there is another way to attend it. there is way. I am offering ONLINE Watercoloring class. This class will include 5 project, from start to finish showcasing different watercoloring techniques: markers, ink pads, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons. The class will start on September 20th and it will be 5 days. Each day there will be one project. The projects will be videos, not pdf files, as it's much easier to follow.

When you register you will receive invitation to a "private" blog, created only for this class. This blog is by invitation ONLY and not registered people can't view it.

All invitations will be sent out by the end of the day on September 19th.
Please let me know if your email is different than your paypal email address so I know where to send the invite.

Note: the project at the in-person watercoloring class will NOT be same as the online class.

To registed for the class just click on the Add to Cart button. The price is $15 12 (new dicounted price)