Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Decor Elements

I still can't get used to the new schedule and stamping. I was planning to do some stamping today, but my hubby decided to take me to Hobby Lobby. In Philly we didn't have one, so this was my first time in the store. And the store was HUGE. Since the past couple weeks I had bad experience with the USPS ( first they didn't forward a package, when we have set forwarding, and the track shipment thing says that they have left notice to pick up the package in the Lansdowne post office, then for another online order they said delivered and the package is neither in our mailbox, there is no notice left, and it's not left in the leasing office; couple days ago our mailbox was full with other people's mail!!!!) So anyway, I am still frustrated with USPS. But I picked several things from Hobby Lobby which I would usually order online. I guess pretty soon I will need to avoid the names. Anyway...I decided to finally put up my decor elements in my studio. I put them in the corner where my computer is. I think I will get couple more for other areas in my studio, I think the CREATE one is a must. :) This one is the Flutter in chocolate chip and I really like how it came out. I still owe you pics from my studio aka stamping room.

Oh yeah, yesterday my hubby bought me a car, now I need a license, so I won't bother him anymore driving me and picking me up from work. He was saying he would get me a plate saying STAMPER! LoL I said NO!!!

Here are the results :

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