We have moved our doorstep and some news

I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag and this card is perfect for it. As many of you know I graduated in June from Drexel University, and my husband was recently laid off from his job. We wanted to move to California, but things were not quite working out our way. So I got a job offer to work for Siemens Power Generation as Jr Electrical Engineer at their office in Alpharetta, Georgia. I am starting on August 31st, which means we are moving within 10-12 days from PA. It's scary, confusing, everything happened so suddenly... But I am so excited for the job, it's something I wanted to do all along. So my hubby is going to Atlanta next week to hunt for apartment so we can move less than 2 weeks from now. You can still register for classes and I will be still sending the ordered templates as usual. I will try by the end of the weekend to post the other 2 classes for this month. But if I don't I hope you understand and forgive me ;) The classes will be shipped as usual.

And here is the card I made for this occassion . I have been trying all day to make a card, but I have been distracted with so many things and details about our move.


Patricia said…
Very nice card. I like the color choice.

Congrats on the job. You'll enjoy working for Siemens. I worked for Infineon (a division of Siemens) for years and they are pretty good to their employees.
Valerie M said…
I'm tickled about your job offer! Doesn't mean California can't be in your future. You can always keep up the search and when things work out to head west, you'll know in your heart that it's the right time.

Did networking pay off? I assume you'd gone down to Siemens to interview? Power generation will be cool!!! Coal based?
Ilina Crouse said…
California is our ultimate goal. But this is I think very good start. I will be working with hydro: turbines, generators, excitators and generator protection.
Good Luck with your New Job and Congratulations on your graduation! Happy for you! Pray your dreams come true! Love Georgia! and I am sure you will love it too!
In the last 10 years we have moved 4 times with my hubby's work from country to country! So you will be fine, it simply feels strange the first few weeks! Take care and sending you all positivity! Hugs always!
tammi4fsu said…
Congratulations! We will almost be neighbors! You certainly will love the winters in GA - very mild! Best of luck to you both!
Anonymous said…
You are not to far from me - I am in Woodstock, GA. Congratulations on your graduation and your new job. You will like GA - you actually get all four seasons but the winters aren't too cold. You are close to the mountains, the ocean and the gulf and of course a major city - Atlanta. I have been enjoying your blog. Good luck with your move.
Monika said it all. You are going to love GA, my husband words in Dunwoody, not far from Alpharetta. Ok, like Monika said you get all four season, without the snow.

Jaspere said…
Congrats and Good Luck!!
Jenn in GA said…
ilina--i know you don't know me from adam, but i moved to cumming (the next suburb north of alpharetta) three years ago and would love to chat with you about where to look to live in relation to work, if you're interested.

don't know if you have kids or not, but the schools are very good, and you can get some great deals on houses right now!

feel free to contact me via my email address:


i'm also a demo, so it'll be great to have one as talented as you in the area! i work with the ronald mcdonald house near the city, so perhaps you might want to think about that...after you get settled in, of course!

sorry to blab on, but i'm excited!
A Touch of SOL said…
Congrats! On the job offer...I didnt know you lived in PA. I am from Jersey and am dying to find someone who i can craft with...Good Luck!