Monday, July 27, 2009

One template many variations

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As I told you the other day I was working on a new project and template. It is the first project on the left side, the tote. While working on it I realized that the tote can be made into box with a little bit of modification. The box in the middle is 5.5 tall, 4.5" wide and 2" deep, it can be a perfect box for cards(A2 size), the second box is little smaller it's 5" tall, 4.5" wide and 2" deep.Those can be perfect for packing gifts. I made a set of cards using the Inspired By Nature set to put in the first tote. The tote is 1.5" deep, 7.25" tall (with the handles) and 4.5" wide.
For the first one I used Inspired by Nature set, for the second one I used Paradise stamp set and On Your Birthday and for the third I used Season of Friendship.
As well I put together printable templates for 4 variations (or more) of the template and step by step instructions for the tote with the cards ( instructions for both) and the box on the far right
You can purchase it by clicking add to card button for $5.95.
The templates will beging being emailed tomorrow (july 28th) morning, since I have few errands to run today and tonight.


  1. This is stunning Ilina! Great job! Off to purchase the template/tutorial!

  2. I love your cornflower cards; I just bought the set in July. I like your cards and will case it but still making it different, so that I am not copying you.

    Thanks so much for the great idea.



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