Concord and 9th - Layered stenciling with MISTI

 *** VIDEO ADDED**** 
Hi stampers!

This is the first post for today. I have couple more to follow, as well I will be adding the videos later today. Last week was extremely busy at work and school prep (my oldest one is starting Kindergarten this week and I find it totally insane for school to be starting this early and in GA when it's HOT). 
I have these two cards that I made with the new Concord and 9th Aloha bundle and use my MISTI for the stenciling. The magnets hold the stencils nicely and you don't need to worry about taping anything down and the tape tearing your paper! 

Come back later for the video. Supplies are listed at the end of this post! 


Maureen Morton said…
Can't wait for the video! I am just starting to stencil and I already love my MISTI, so I will be excited to see them used together. Have a great week and thanks for the great inspiration!
Maureen Morton said…
Ahhhh...thanks you! The video was a huge help! I love Concord & 9th stamps, but I'm hesitant about this kit. It is hard to tell about the printed paper the quality like good cardstock, or regular paper. And, after adding the stenciling, does it look handmade or pre-printed??? I wish I could see it in person and feel it. My computer isn't that advanced - ha! Your video really helped, but I'm still on the fence with this kit. Sure hope kindergarten goes well - what an adventurous time!