Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Under the Sea

Hi stampers! 
Happy Wednesday. Today I have another summer themed card for you. I am using again the Hero Arts My Monthly hero kit from this month (unfortunately this kit sold out in less than 24 hrs!!!), but the add on's are still available. From my post from last week I had bunch of images left over that I already colored, so decided to play more with the silk iridescent liquid ink that came in the kit. 

I used it in few ways.
1. I took a piece of watercolor paper (I used Arches cold press here) and with brush and clean water I painted a circle. Next with the brush on the cap of the bottle I applied dots of ink in the wet area and let is spread. I applied the most in the center. Next I went back in with wet brush and applied some more water in the centers of the dots of ink to soften it little bit more. I used my Wagner heat gun to speed up the drying process. It's really hard to tell on the pictures but that background has some shimmer. 

note: Make sure you shake the bottle well before use, so the shimmery particles mix with the ink.

2. I secured the stencil that came in the kit on top of my card and using Fantastix carefully applies ink over the area of the stencil that covers only the circle. Next I spritzed ( 2-3 times with spray bottle and clean water) to make that ink bleed tiny bit. Let it dry.

3. After it dried I used the brush on the cap to flick ink directly on top of my card. In the areas outside the circle I applies some water on top of the ink speckles to soften them up.

4. I had some die cut corals and algae from green and aqua card stock and applied the ink directly on them. Since it was color card stock the resulting colors are not identical (they differ only slightly) and are very shimmery (the ink is opaque)

Next I stamped the sentiment and assembled the elements onto my card. Added few sequins. Then adhered it to black note card. 

On the bottom of this post there is quick video on couple more techniques using the silk ink. 


  1. So Pretty! And thank you for showing how to use the bottle of ink! :)

  2. I was wondering what was in the bottle and also how to use it. Hero Arts staff directed me to your site. I'm so glad they did! Your card is beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the info on how to use the ink! Really helpful. I'm going to share this post to the FB group I'm on so that if any of them got the kit they can get some ideas!


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