Monday, December 28, 2015

Thank you

Hi Stampers! 
Whew, Christmas is over. It's been crazy few days leading up to Christmas and few days after Christmas. I felt like the kids and everyone else went just nuts. And on other hand my mom decided to go back to Macedonia and there is no one else to take her, so I will be flying with her on January 15th. To help with the cost and everything I created a GoFundMe account. She is not eligible for Medicaid/Medicare here in the US, so her Hospice care is not covered by her regular insurance. This is the main reason she decided to go back to Macedonia and I want to help her with travel costs and other costs due to her hospital stay etc, as she and her husband can't cover her plane ticket and travel cost . If you want to donate, I will greatly appreciate it. As well I will have some cards for sale to help raise some money, too. I will be posting those tomorrow or so.

To donate you can go to the GoFundMe. 
Thank you all in advance!

Now that Christmas is over I am going back to regular posting mode, as much as I can. 
Today I am blogging over the Chameleon Blog and here's a little sneak peek of my card I have there. For the list of supplies and tutorial head over there ;)

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