Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Holidays and cards for sale

                                                        TEA AND COFFEE POT CARDS

Hi Stampers!
Happy Monday! I am back from Florida and back to blogging. Our trip was ok. My mom had surgery on Thursday and she's recovering well. We were at the hospital till almost 10pm on Thursday (we had 7am flight from Atlanta and went straight to the hospital). I am so proud of my almost 4yr old, she didn't complain a single time were were there. And on Thursday she was up since 5am. She's my tough little cookie.  However my mom has long road ahead of her. They did confirm that the tumor is cancerous(lung cancer that spread to the brain) and after she recovers a little bit she'll need to undergo radiation and chemo. We just need to take it one step at a time. 
In my previous post I mentioned that I will be selling some card sets to raise some money to help with our trips to Florida and back and other costs with the situation (as we are currently on one salary, as I am the only one working). --scroll down for the available card sets, usually it's about 5 days to ship the sets, as they are made to order. I have few sets ready to go, so the first people to order will ship faster. 
The card sets are $10 each plus shipping. If you order more than 1 card set I will issue refund for the shipping. 
And now onto little sneak of a card I have up today on the Chameleon Blog.

Joyful Holiday Wishes card set (5 cards and envelopes) $10 +shipping (US, if outside the US email me for shipping quote)

Christmas Blessings card set (5 cards and envelopes) $10 +shipping (US, if outside the US email me for shipping quote)

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