Monday, November 30, 2015

Butterflies, we are good

Hi Stampers! 
Happy Monday! I am so stinkin' tired today. Like that is any news. But I am glad the weekend is over. 4 days at home seemed so long. LOL. I know few days ago I mentioned that we got our Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods. Well...on Thursday morning I went to pick it up by myself. It was one of those rare times when I went somewhere alone. These days that happens very rarely. I always have a kid attached to my hip. So...I was alone and I was in the check out line. And I was all done and everything was bagged up, when the guy who was bagging my stuff asked me if I needed help to get the stuff to my mini van and my response was "No, we are good".... I was all alone...Probably they thought I was counting my imaginary friend, or I was refering to "me, myself and I" or most likely that I was one of those crazy ladies. I was trying to get out of the awkward situation that I put myself into and said" I mean, I am good, I always have at least one of my kids with me and I am used to say "We" all the time" LoL. I don't even want to know what they were thinking. 
Anyway, today I have a simple card for you that uses Stampin' Up! supplies. And when I say SIMPLE, it's really simple. I stamped the butterfly in three different colors and then die cut the sentiment and adhered it to my white card base card. Voila :) 


  1. I used your card for inspiration for one of my own:


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