Been a while

                                                       TEA AND COFFEE POT CARDS

Hi all,

I know I have been absent for a while. Things have been crazy. I haven't had time to create anything the past few weeks. I just found in my draft posts this  card that I made while back while I was playing with my Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencils

But for the rest of this year my posts will be sparse, especially as the holidays are approaching. As well I won't be offering classes by mail for the remainder of the year, besides the regular Creativity by Mail program. One of the reasons is that with my last class USPS proved to not be reliable with the last kits by mail I sent. Some got lost, some got delivered to wrong addresses, and majority of them were delivered way too late. So, since the holiday season is starting and people are mailing more, we'll just taking a break from mailing anything.

As well, I have been busy with my kids. Last week hubby was out of town and  I was alone with the girls, so we did a lot of fun stuff, which left me with no time to create. And my almost 3yr old is now getting into crafting etc, so it's fun to make stuff with her. And the time spent with her is so special.
On Saturday after the gym I took her to Paper Source and she picked couple stamps she liked and couple packs of notecards (pink and purple of course and yellow), so we'll be making tonight cards for her teachers, whom she loves. 

As well, besides all the Holiday craziness, we are preparing for the arrival of baby C in early February.