Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello There

                                                          TEA AND COFFEE POT CARDS
Hi all,

I was quiet this weekend. It was busy weekend at home. First thing Saturday I had two back to back dentist appointments cleaning and old fillings replacement. To be honest, I am glad I found my current dentist, I enjoy going to the dentist now (hope I don't jinx it LoL). Then did a run to Target and then in the evening we all went out to get some shopping done for picture day at daycare and then went out to dinner, yet with a 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old (we went to Panera, nothing fancy LoL)
Then today I was busy doing the videos for the Creativity by mail program and as well church and grocery shopping, so got no time to edit some pictures to post. Finally I did edit one.
I made this one again for the display boards and I used the Hello there hostess set along  with the decorative masks. I like how it turned out.

 Don't forget the registration for the Holiday Home class by mail is open and more details are HERE

As well I have few more ink swatch kits (details HERE) Thanks for all those who ordered so far. I will be putting the current orders in the mail on Tuesday.

As well you have few more days to take advantage of the current promotion : SHORT and SWEET

And a lot of people requested to order the Kinda Eclectic class, so I have opened it again and you can register until Saturday and kits will ship next week. Details HERE.


  1. I just had to refer to your comment about your dentist. When I moved to Florida it took me quite a while to find doctors that I liked. I did finally find a wonderful gyno and dentist and like you actually enjoyed going for my check ups. Within one year I lost one to kidney cancer and the other to a brain tumor. I was so sad about my dentist that I cried for days. So, I really hope you aren't jinxed.

  2. VeryVery prettying! Is that calypso coral and daffodil delight?omgosh I totally thought you used the sponge daubers, the mask would be so much more precise and faster! I like how some of the dots are faded and some are not.


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