Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catching Up With Instruction Sheets

                                                       TEA AND COFFEE POT CARDS

Hi all,
Sorry for the silence. I made it home at 1am on Friday night. My flight from Dallas was delayed for about 2hrs and then we has not so pleasant flight. There was storm system moving across, so the flight was pretty bumpy. And then I got home to a sick baby who cried all night, and then didn't really sleep the following couple nights. Last night finally was able to get few hours of uninterrupted sleep. So, you can imagine I am pretty exhausted and I am back in the office.
Anyway, as things are settling down I am trying to catch up on all of the instruction sheets.
So I will be posting them here as I am finishing them.
Tonight I will combine all instruction sheets for April and part of May and post a link to downloadable PDF, so you have them all in one place.

As well, if you have signed up for my Color My World Class, the 2nd part was posted last night (the videos), the samples will be posted tonight. The 2nd part is about coloring with wax based pencils such as Prismacolor, as well blending techniques.
If you are signed up for this class follow this link to the post. The class website will be open for at least 1 year so you can register any time.


You will need to log in, so if you haven't registered you can access the class posts.

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