Friday, February 14, 2014

The life you've imagined

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's day!

I am so sorry for my silence the past couple days, we had the winter storm Pax going through the region and we had 2.5 days of no work/daycare. So were all home and I was trying to come up with ideas what to do with the little ones, well more so with the 2 yr old, the 6 month old is pretty easy, just put her in a jumper and she's happy :) As well I was finishing their Valentines for daycare. I will share Milena's later today, and for Anna I used the Monster Hugs that I shared couple weeks ago :) 

I am not sure if I have shared this card before or not, I couldn't find it, so here it is. This is one of the samples I made for the display boards for Convention last year. I like the simplicity of it :) 

Check back later, I will have some more things to share.

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