Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Hip Hip Hooray samples

Yesterday I messed up all my posts, apparently on Tuesday I posted THREE times, instead scheduling my 3rd post for Wednesday, it went out on Tuesday night. So if you get my updates via email you have missed 2 posts from Wednesday.

And today is one of those days when you wish to just go home and do nothing because you're afraid something will just keep going wrong. 
I woke up this morning whole 2 hours LATE! I am usually in the office around 8am and I woke up at 8. My alarm never went off, well the stupid thing did, but SILENT, only the screen was lighting....REALLY!?!? Stupid phone alarm! Then, had to hurry get myself ready, feed the baby, get my 2 yr old ready....and as we finished dressing the 6 month old she decided to throw up and all over her clothes...nice....Luckily my husband took them to daycare and I made it to work around 9.20am. 
I took my mug with oatmeal to eat my breakfast at work, so I put it in the microwave and sparkles start. Apparently there is some metal in the color 
Then I couldn't access one of the drives, then I restart my computer and look for the file I was working on, and the file is nowhere to be found. Then I start over again. After 1 hr work I realize that I am working on a wrong file on the ST instead of GT. 
And that's not all, I open my bag to realize that the basic gray ink spot I had in my bag opened and all the ink soaked in the inside of the bag. 
Oh...the joys of today. 

Now, onto the cards. I made couple more using the Hip Hip Hooray kit. I really LOVE LOVE this kit. The cards are just my alley! For the second one I used the Simply Celebrate set, instead of the set included in the kit and I used Soft Suede ink.
Again, I did my own designs instead of the ones included in the kit flyer.
You can get your kit  HERE

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