Thursday, January 23, 2014

Monster hugs

I think I am starting to get this photopgraphing with DSLR down. I like better the pictures I took today of my projects. I am playing with the manual focus and different settings as well custom white balance. My pictures required minimal editing in PSE. I like how I can focus on a point and the rest of the picture gets blurred out. 


There is not much to say how I made these Monster hugs, they come in a kit, you just put some candy in (there is a sticky thing to attach the candy), wrap the hand around, interlock them and stick the little heart.

I love the little monster bottoms, they are so cute, just like baby bottoms ;) 

You can order the Monster hugs (each pack makes 18 and there are two different colors as shown in the picture (they are in separate packs)) from my Online SU! store

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