Monday, October 7, 2013

*UPDATED*retired sets for sale BUY 2 get 1 FREE

hi all,
I need to clean my studio and I have over 100 sets to get rid off. I am doing buy 2 get 1 for free of equal or lesser value.
US only.

Please email me for shipping quote:
First come first serve basis.

A beautiful thing  Wood Used 11
A good egg Wood Used 12
A little birdie told me Wood Used 12 Couple stamps mounted
A little birthday cheer Wood Used 8
A slice of life Clear New 7 3 sets
A slice of life Wood New 7
A slice of life Clear  Used 7
A slice of life  Wood New 7
ABC alphabet lower  Wood New 17 Mounted
ABC alphabet upper  Wood New 17 Mounted
ABC images Wood New 17 Mounted
Abundant hope Clear Used 8
Afterthoughts  Clear Used 7
Afterthoughts  Clear New 7
All scallops  Wood Used 13
All the best  Wood Used 10
Always  Wood  Used 15
Apple blossom  Clear Used 9
Array of sunshine  Clear Used 10
Asian artistry Wood Used 12
Autumn harvest  Wood Used 12
Awash with flowers Wood New 14
Baby boutique  Clear Used  12
Bella's bloom Wood  Used 7
Best wishes and more  Wood New 12 Mounted
Bittly birthday Wood Used 6
Bliss Clear  Used 7
Bloomin' marvelous SAB Wood Used 7
Boho backgrounds  Wood Used 10
Bouquet bunch Clear  Used  7
Brocade basics Wood Used 14
Butterfly accent Wood  Used 4
Collage alphabet  Wood Used 13 Partially mounted
Confetti  Clear Used 8
Cute cues  Wood  New 5
DD regal rose  Wood Used 15
Dotted spring  Wood Used 9
Dreams du jour Wood Used 12
Eastern blooms  Wood Used 12
Easy events  Wood used 15 Sentiments mounted on side of the blocks
Embrace life  Wood  Used 11
Enjoy every moment  Wood Used 12
Ever after Wood Used 12
Fabulous flowers  Wood Used 12
Falling leaves Wood Used 12
Family accessories too Wood New 9 Mounted
Family phrases  Wood Used 9
Favorite things  Wood  New 12
Feeling sentimental  Wood Used 9
Filled with love  Clear Used 11
Fintastic Wood New 10
Flower filled  Wood  Used 10
For everything  Clear Used 14
Four square Wood Used 8
Frames with flourish  Wood Used 17
Fresh cuts Wood  Used 10
Friends 24-7 Wood Used 13
Friends never fade Clear  Used 9
Fruit and flowers  Clear Used  11
Full of life Wood Used 17
Fun and fast notes  Wood Used 15
Fundamental phrases  Wood Used 14
Funky four  Clear Used 6
Funky four  Wood  New 7 2 sets
Gnome sweet gnome Wood Used 12
Good cheer Wood Used 11
Good neighbor  Clear New 7
Goody-goody gumdrops Wood New 15 Purple rubber
Googly ghosts Clear New 12
Great friend Wood Used 11
Great grads Wood Used 12 1 stamp very stained
Happiness shared  Clear Used 9
Happy greetings Clear Used 11
Happy together Wood  Used 7
Holy triptych  Wood Used 17
Hoppy for you Wood Used 12
It's the thought  Wood  New  7
It's the thought  Clear  New 7 2
Itty bitty bits  Clear Used 7
Jumble alphabet  Wood  Used 22
Jumbo outline alphabet  Wood Used 17
Just 'cause I like you  Wood Used 7
Just like you  Wood Used 12
Language of friendship Wood New 9
Lean on me  Clear New 12
Little flowers Wood  Used  5
Madison Avenue  Wood New 8
Make a monster  Clear Used 14
Matchbox messages  Wood Used 12
Merry & type  Clear Used 15
Mixed medley  Clear New 9
Morning glory Wood Used 10
Mouthwatering  Clear  Used 10
Netting Wood  Used 9
Northern hearts  Wood  New 11
Olive you  Wood Used 11
On a pedestal  Wood  Used 11
One of a kind Wood Used 11
Only ovals Wood Used  10
Organic outlines Wood Used 14
Out of the box Wood Used 6
Outlined occasions Wood New 7
Outlined occasions  Wood Used 6
Outlined occasions  Clear New 7
P.s.I love you  Clear Used 13
Paisley petals  Clear Used 12
Paisley prints Clear Used 11
Paradise  Wood Used 10
Patterned occasions SAB Wood Used 7
Pendant park Wood  New  14 Mounted
Picture this Clear Used 7
Playful petals Wood  Used  12
Playful pieces Wood New 15
Playfull pieces Clear Used 12
Polka dots and petals  Wood Used 8
Pretty pattern Wood Used 9 No box
Pretty peony  Wood Used 17
Pretty petites SAB Wood  Used 7
Pretty postage Clear Used 6
Printed petals  Clear Used 9
Priority mail  Wood  New 15
Pumpkin patch  Wood Used 12
Raining flowers Wood  Used  16
Reason to smile Wood Used 10 Purple rubber
Recess  Clear  Used 12
Schoolbook serif numbers  Wood Used 11
Short order alphabet  Wood Used 17 Partially mounted
Silhouette sentiments  Clear Used 7
Simple friendship  Wood Used 12
Simply said  Wood Used 12
So green  Clear Used 7
Stamp set name Mount Condition Price 
Stem sayings Wood Used 8
Stitched exotics (name) Wood Used 15
Sweet cake  Clear New  10
Sweet floral Wood (no box) New-mounted 9
Sweet shoppe alphabet lower  Wood New 15
Sweet shoppe alphabet upper  Wood New  15
Sweet summer SAB Wood  New 7
Sweet summer SAB Wood  New 7 3 sets
Tags for all  Wood Used 15
Tart and tangy  Wood Used 7
Teahouse Wood  Used 9 No box
Teddy and train Wood Used 11
Text and texture  Wood  Used 12
Thank you kindly Wood  Used 7 1 french 1 English
Three little words Wood Used 9
To a classic  Clear  New 9
Together forever Wood Used 12
Totally amazing  Clear New with mazes  17
Tote-ally Tess  Clear Used 9
Trimtastic Wood Used 12
Vintage labels  Clear Used 7
Vintage verses SAB Wood  Used 7
Watercolor winter  Clear  Used 13
Wedding sweet Wood Used 12
Well-worn alphabet  Wood Used 15
Whimsical words Clear Used 7
Winter memories  Clear New 15
Wonderful favorites  Wood New 20 Mounted
Wonderful you  Wood New 17 Mounted
Word on word Wood New 12 Purple rubber 
XOXO Wood New 12
You and moi Wood  Used 6

More mustard ink pad, refill and marker  $    7.50
Regal rose marker, ink pad and refill  $    7.50
Star 5 point 3d   $    6.00
Ornament, Christmas 3D   $    6.00
Ball 3d pop up  $   10.00
Bigz xl table setting  $   14.00
Originals stocking accents  $    8.00
Bag with scallops  $   15.00
Bigz xl look here  $   10.00
Bigz island floral  $   10.00
Bigz xl perfect setting  $   11.00
PUNCHES old style
Scallop square   $    8.00
1 3/8" square   $    8.00

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