Baby Blossom Friends Tote and Love notes Updates

Hi all,

Just a quick update. It's 5.20am over here. I just finished the tutorial for the Baby Blossoms Friends tote and love notes. I wasn't able to recover the files from my SD card, so I re-created the project and the tutorial.
If you have the link that was sent to you by, you can use it now to download the files.
I will email the files to all who pre-ordered it first time in the morning (when I get up, considering it's morning now)

Thank you for your patience


Anonymous said…
Thanksfor the update. I have been excitedly awaiting the files, and I came here to see if you had an update. Sorry to hear you had troubles. Thanks so much for creating these and for keeping us updated. Blessings to you ... Lela aka Serenity_Stamper