Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simply Adorned

I have had this charm and the 24" chain for a while, now and never got the time to create an insert for it, and to shorten the chain. Well...tonight was the time. I removed about 20 links from the chain, as it was too long for me (even the 24" one, and having the larger one twice around my neck, hmmm ain't going to work....the 24" is little too heavy for me, so I can't even imagine how the larger one would feel). Anyway, removing the links wasn't that  complicated, I just used some jewelry tools I had at home and did it all by myself ;-)
And here is the insert. I used the set Charming, and the color combination I used is : crumb cake, marina mist and old olive. As well I did simpler insert for the back.
Hope you like it :)


  1. A beautiful insert. You've given me a great idea, as I'm lost when it comes to designing inserts. Thanks so much for sharing this

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  3. Very Nice!! Love the color combos and the details that seem to be in a very small space. I haven't been too keen on these, but the more and more I see them, the more I want one. You can have one piece of jewlery, but change it to seem like you have multiple pieces whenever you want. I like that idea!

  4. Very sweet. Adding the pearl was just the right *touch*!


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