Happy Halloween


Hi all,

First I just wanted to thank all of you for all the comments and emails you left me/sent me regarding my grandfather's death. I APPRECIATE all of them! THANK YOU!
The funeral will be tomorrow at 12pm local time, which will make 6am EST. So there was not even a slight chance I could have made it, considering that international plane tickets need to be purchased at least 3 days in advance, and yeah the flight would be about 20 hrs with layovers. And I have training starting tomorrow (at work) Oh well...LIFE

Here is the last project I made for the Fall Fest Online Class.
I used midnight musings wheel and dark and dreary set.
This is the last project, but that doesn't mean that the videos and templates are not available any more. The site will be open for additional 3 months, so you can still take the class if you want. As well I will be posting information about DVD of the class shortly.

More details about the Fall Fest Online are HERE