Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ribbon Tieing Video Tutorial

Here's a quick video tutorial on how I tie my bows. I posted while ago picture tutorial, so I decided to do a video one as well.



  1. thank you for sharing this video i stuck at tieing bows lol lol

  2. Thanks. I am going to try it. I get inconsistent results and often tie, retie, retie, retie..hey, I finally got it. Not remembering how from time to time. I like that you demonstrated with a wider and somewhat stiffer ribbon. I favor the taffeta because it is easier. Now maybe I will branch out to other widths and materials. (-: Julie

  3. Thank you so very much! I'd love to see how you tie the free standing double bow that doesn't go around the layered cardboard. I really appreciate you sharing this technique :)

  4. There is tutorial for the double loop bow. Click on the " Free Tutorials" under the blog banner and look for double loop bow tutorial (it's picture tutorial, not video)


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