Announcing: Online Technique Class Part 1

Hi all,

The watercoloring class is about to start. And next I decided to offer technique class which will be in 2 or 3 parts. We'll have at least October and November.
The part 1 will start in October and will go in parallel with the virtual card club for October, meaning it will start on October 4th.
In the technique class I will show you different techniques (hence the name). There will be total of 5 techniques and I will show you how to complete the cards start to finish. I will not be posting the supplies, until the class starts, since I am trying to teach you technique, not how to CASE my cards and buy ALL of the supplies I use. You may want to use different stamps, colors etc....

The class will be 5 days and each day I will post videos for one technique. When the class starts (most likely one day prior) you will receive an invitation to join a private blog where the videos and instructions will be posted. In case we use some templates, I will email that to you!

The blog will be available for several months, and if you have you tube account I can add you to be able to view the videos, so you will have access much longer.

The price of the first technique class is $12.50 10 (new discounted price) and you can register now :) I will post the details about the 2nd class sometime in October (the middle of October)
To register just click on the Add to Card Button bellow :)