Friday, July 9, 2010

Regarding contacting me

Hi all,

I just wanted to address an issue I am having. A lot of you (demonstrators and not) are contacting me through my DBWS.
DBWS is my Bussiness SU! website, and it has nothing to do with my templates....It's about my SU! demonstratorship etc.
Please if you have questions, inquiries, etc about my templates, or other questions about my projects on my blog, contact me through my blog or email me. PLEASE don't use my DBWS.

I have people saying they want to Host a Workshop, and actually they have question about my templates and their order( template order) .... that has nothing to do with templates.
If you want to :
Host a Workshop
Request a catalog
Questions about becoming a Demonstrator
Request my newsletter

PLEASE contact me through my Demo Bussiness Website.

My email is all over the place, so please USE IT. (
When you order templates, you get receipt with my email address, please USE IT!

As well if you are a demonstrator, please AVOID contacting me through my Demo Bussines Website!

Thank you for your understanding

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