Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No Eye Candy

Well I got myself in trouble. I picked up some shelves on Sunday from Target and was putting them up on Sunday night in my studio, well I decided to re-organize my studio while I was at it....BAD idea!!! It took me Sunday night and today to finish , and is still not completely finished. My desk is a MESS!
I will post pictures soon! (hopefully tomorrow)

But for now here's a pic of my pile of cardstock....wonder if I will have enough...ha!
there are few packs that are retiring in couple days, but most of the cardstock is current. I was shocked when I piled up the card stock, I didn't know that I have that much cardstock!!!!

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Don't look behind the cardstock and on the sides, it's complete mess, since I was in middle of re-organizing when I took the picture, so everything was laying on the floor until I found place for it.


  1. Piles of card stock are so colorful and pretty, and don't worry you can never have too much!!
    I love your work, and look forward to seeing more of it on the upcoming UStamp with Dawn and Friends. And of course I hope I win the free pass!! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. I love your work,Ilina, Is that all your expired card stock? Whew! I just reorganized myself, but my stuff all fit into one box. I just don't know what to do with it, keep or sell? it's hard to part with.

  3. Lori, most of the cardstock is current, I wasn't re-organizing my studio because of the retiring items, but I was moving furniture arround :)


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