Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Studio, as I promissed

As I promised here are few pictures of my studio :)

This is on the right of my desk, the Ikea rods to hold my punches, the retired inkpads, ribbon etc. On the window I have the new style punches, plus bunch that are not SU!
On the other side I have few more rods and few drawers to store some felt, non su! stamps, packaging supplies etc, and little peek of my photo corner.
This is my light tent where I take pictures of my cards and projects.
Then there is my new shelf that holds my big shot, dies, has one card tree on top and few other things.
Then there are the big shelves that store all my cardstock, stamps and many many other things. On the side there is a smaller shelf with more stamps and on top I have DVD holders with the new clear mount stamps. I left bunch of free space for the new stamps to come soon.
Here is my dsp corner, I know there is a LOT of paper, and another shelf with my printer, and on the bottom I have the unopened packs of cardstock (neutrals). And there is my computer and sewing machine desk, where I have few CD racks in which I store unmounted retired SU! stamps.
Then, there is my work desk(not the cleanest one) but it works.

Little decor element on the wall - Lollipop flower (this one retires in few hours)
My stack of not opened packages of cardstock
My stack of unopened packages of Neutrals cardstock
My stack of unopened packaged of retiring and non SU! cardstock
Wonderful swaps on my desk, that I received today!
Buttons, that are retiring and I transfered in jars to free space in my stack and store caddy


  1. Nice! I'm a bit jealous of your space, actually! Thanks for sharing the pics--I always enjoy seeing other people's creative spaces. :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your pics, especially the sewing machine. I kinda felt guilty have my sewing machine in with my stamping quarters, but hey, if I am sewing on my cards, then it has to be included, hugh? You have motivated me to take some pics of my small place. I have an office and I am slowing moving my SU hobby/career into it. You can drop by at God Bless.

  3. You are very organized! I need to re-do my room too... thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Beautiful workspace! Great fun to see where your awesome cards are brought to life! Somehow I just knew it was a well-organized space. TFS!

  5. I love your work space. I need to organize my space. Since yours is done would you like to do mine (or help me). It wold be great since we are in the same state. LOL


  6. I forgot to ask about your "Light Tent", how did you make it, and how does it work? I am having such a ahrd time getting good pictures of my cards, they either get this bright spot from the flash ot they come out too dark. Thank you and God Bless.

  7. I didn't make the light tent. I got it from, there are a lots of light tents available with different price ranges. Just do a search for light tent

  8. Do you mind telling me how it works please?

  9. it's just a little tent(white) and it comes with two reflector lights you use to light it, from the outsides, as shown on the picture. You turn on the lights, put your project inside the tent (it has 4 different drops- (white,black, green and blue) I use the white one) and take the picture. Then I edit my pictures using Photoshop


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