Tropical Picnic (where did it go?)-Redesigned

I am overwhelmed with all the emails and comments I received about the Tropical Picnic class instructions and template, actually all of you asked where did it go.

I had to remove it in order to comply with the new UStamp policy as guest designer. There was a similar project and apparently my basked looked lot like it. Even though it was completely CASE-d from Paper Wishes magazine/catalog/website. (except I changed the colors, size etc) and mine didn't use the Big Shot at all.
Anyway... I guess I was stepping on someone's toes, so, long story short, I removed it, as I don't like stepping on people's toes and want to get along, even though I don't 100% agree, and it actually cost me some $$.
I hope with this re-designer class/instructions I won't be stepping on anyone's toes :)

And a little reminder: All of the content of my blog is © Ilina Crouse, 2010 and is for your inspiration and enjoyment .It may not be used for any type of publications(paper or electronic-blogs are not really publication that counts :)-publication is meant something you get paid for, or get some kind of compensation) and design contests (including my templates).

So, I have new and redesigned picnic basket for you today.
You can pre-order the instructions and template and I will e-mail it to you by Thursday May 13th. The price of the new template and instructions is $5.00. And it pretty much uses the same supplies as the one before. Click on the Add to cart button to PRE-ORDER yours today.

I was planning to have another class for you today, but ... oh well...that is we say back home " Zivot je takav, chupav i dlakav, a kad ga obrijesh nikakav"

My posts this week may be sporadic, since I have training from work and Sean and I will be staying at a hotel close to the Siemens training center, it'll make life much easier for both of us and the commute in the crazy Atlanta traffic. I miss Philly and being able to get pretty much anywhere with public transportation.