Sweet Scoops box and Love notes template and instructions PRE-ORDER

Hi all,
I am back with details about the template and instructions for the project I had for the Tour de Freaks.
I haven't been able to create much this week, as I have been working 12 hr days, as we have some deadline at work, so I have been in the office a LOT this week. That has not given me much time for anything else, especially considering that my back started bugging me too, especially yesterday. Oh well...that's life :)

You can now PRE-ORDER the template and instructions for the box and the love notes featured below. They will be emailed to you (by me) by the end of the day May 28th. The price of the templates and instructions is $5.75. To order yours click on the add to cart button :) -->


Anonymous said…
These are adorable!!