Sunday, May 9, 2010


So I broke down and got a letterpress kit. I have been looking at it for a while now and have been waiting to go on sale. LoL. So I got it today and had to try it right away. Here is a simple postcard style card I made with the started kit. I really like the de-bossed and stamped at same time image. It's really hard to see on the pictures, especially the thank you sentiment. But it does look cool in person.


  1. Gorgeous letter press card! I LOVE it!

  2. Just curious which letterpress kit you used. I've seen a couple of them at the local crafting store and am afraid to try it, too. But seeing yours, I think i will!

  3. I received my letter press as a Christmas gift. I love mine. However, I don't use it as much as I should. I need to put everything away, so I have crafting room, and when its 'packed away' its hard to stop everything to 'unpack'. What color did you use on your flourish? I'm looking at purchasing some colors. I only have the black.

  4. how do you like the letter press? was it worth the money?



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