Monday, May 10, 2010

Healing hands for Haiti

Hi all,
I rarely post things that are not stamping related (besides pics of places I go :P ).
I just wanted to make a little post about Healing Hands for Haiti, there is a group of 10 people who is currently in Haiti (they arrived on Saturday)-the CA team(there are many other teams as well) and will be volunteering there this month. The past few days they have been helping in the Malissa's Hope Orphanage.
How I know about this group and the relief efforts going on there? My best friend is on the team, the one that I visited in San Francisco last year, in Hawai'i this year, she came to Philly as well last year (while I lived there) etc. We go waaaay back, from the time we both lived in Macedonia (very early 90's).

Anyway...there are some needs and stuff to be sent to these kids. Check out their blog
they have needs listed and address provided.

If you have questions let me know. If would you like you can send donations to me and I will get them to them.

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