Happy Mother's Day Stationery

Note: I will post the blog candy winner tomorrow (free UStamp pass) and details how to enter in the drawing for the 2nd free UStamp Pass Hey Big Shot!). As well I received quite few Sunshine awards from several wonderful ladies, I will post those too ---THANK YOU for the awards :)

It's been a crazy day. It was pouring outside and Sean and I went to couple Bosnian Supermarkets about 25 miles away and a bakery. It felt like a trip back home. We got lots of groceries from my part of the world ;-) Things I grew up with. Many of you maybe have never seen or heard about those brands and stuff. But they are GOOD!!!! Then I had 2 hr driving lesson and got home at 6pm exhausted. Anyways....

As I promised yesterday, here's Mother's day project. I was inspired by another stationery box I saw online and made me one too. LoL.
The set includes 5 cards and envelopes and the box which mimics an envelope. On the picture you can't see well (that's why I added the picture on the bottom of this post) but the left and right sides overlap and then the center comes up. As well there is a pen holder on the closure inside. As well the box has a devider to divide the envelopes and cards, or whatever else you would like to put inside (address book, etc). The size of the completed project is 6"x5"x1 1/2".

You can pre-order the template and instructions (with lots of pictures) now and it will be emailed to you on Thursday April 29th. I am rushing this one a little bit, due to Mother's day being around the corner. Usually it takes a week to put everything together and do the finishing touches on the templates.
The price is $5.95. When you pre-order the link you will get from fastwagon will be just a jpg file (picture) since this is pre-order. I will email all the pre-orders manually on Thursday.
To pre-order click on the Add to card button


Stephanie said…
Superb!!! What a great project :D
Unknown said…
how cute and creative.

Mary Davidson said…
Beautiful card set and very cool box. Lovely as always! TFS! Good luck with your driving!!
Anonymous said…
Another beautiful piece of creativity, Ilina!
Denise said…
beautiful Ilina... can't wait to make it.