Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Onesie card

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So I just home and look what I found in my stamping studio. I cracked up laughing when I saw it. It all started this morning when my hubby asked me what is about with this message: their bak now. It was gud wile it lasted. I was like : what in the world? I never sent that? So I went and changed my gmail password etc. At a moment I thought someone is in our apartment and using my pc. LOL....well when I came home it was all clear and who was using my computer. I just can't stop laughing!!!!
Here is a baby onesie card I finished yesterday ( I started it on Tuesday). I used whisper white and barely banana cardstock for it. As well I used the Nursery Necessities set. I stamped the elephant on barely banana cardstock and embossed it with clear ep.

I may be able to put up a tutorial for these onesies cards soon ;-)



  1. absolutely adore the onesie and look forward to a tutorial (hopefully!).

    - Elizabeth (

  2. The "mystery PC user" is just hilarious! hahahaha!

    Welcome to the Freaks group - it's good to have you on board! :D



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