Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Punched border using curly label punch

Here is another quick tutorial for you. This time it's making a punched border using the curly label punch.
For this you will need:
Curly label punch
a strip of cardstock you will like to use for the border. I used 5 1/2" long and 2" wide.
Ruler, pencil and eraserstart by drawing a line about 3/4" from one end. This will serve you as a guide when punching, so you have even border ;-)
Start from the middle of the cardstock, and position the punch about 1/4" above the line, see picture. And punch.

Now you can move to the right and left, using the same principle. Just now you will need to line up as well the ends with the previous punch out. Repeat until you have punched the whole strip.
And there you have it.
In order to have smaller "peaks" you can overlap a little bit the ends of the punch and the previous punch out.
As I said, it's quick tutorial :)


  1. Cool...nice to know there are other things to do with the punch than just punch.

  2. That's one thing I like about our punches - they have more than 1 use - the use being limited by our imagination. Thank you for showing me yet another use.

  3. Love it! Now I will have to look at my other punches and see what other borders I can make! Thanks!

  4. Great idea! Love the look of this. Thanks so much for sharing instructions!

  5. I wondered how you did that!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks!
    And I wondered why I can't make it straight? The trick of drawing a line to help to guide you.... : )

  7. Fabulous, Ilina.. thanks for sharing such a wonderful tutorial! Can't wait to pass on the link to my demo friends!

  8. Love this idea! Yet another way to use one of SU's amazing punches, thanks for the tutorial :)

    - missimagination.com


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