Punched circle border quick tutorial

I got many questions asking for I did the circle border on this card. As I said, this is not my original invention, I saw it online too. I am just going to share how I do it.

You will need:
pinking hearts border punch (or any other border punch)
12" x 3/4" piece of designer series paper
paper crimper
sticky strip or other strong adhesive
your circle to put the border on (I used 3" circle)

1. Start by punching the strip of designer paper.
2. After you have punched it, run it through the paper crimper. This will crimp the paper and make it more elastic, since it will have waves.

3. Apply sticky strip or another strong adhesive on the edges of the back side of the circle you wish to add the punched border.
4. Start adhering the border, turning the face of the circle towards you, so you can make sure, the width of the border is even all around the circle.
5. Slowly go around the whole circle.
6. When the ends meet, trim off the excess of the strip and there you have it :) It's simple and easy. ENJOY!


Claire Ventre said…
Thanks - great tutorial and much appreciated!
Shelly Schmidt said…
I love this- I made a card like this last summer and made a tutorial but never posted it........ I love the look of this with the heart punch-very pretty!
You've done it again!!! Wow!
Leeanna Howard said…
Do you think you could do it with a heart??? Thanks so much, your blog is great... fresh ideas!

Leeanna Howard
Diane Noble said…
Fab-u-loso girlfriend! WOW! Gorgeous trim...thanks for passing the instructions along to us since I haven't seen this elsewhere!
Mary said…
BRILLIANT!!! Thanks for sharing how you did this.
**Nancy** said…
Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!
Sue from Oregon said…
wow...great idea! TFS!
Carla said…
Oh, thanks so much Ilina! Such a fabulous use of our yummy border punchs!! So happy that there is no measuring and lining up around a circle..hahahaha..You are one amazing teacher and I'll be plugged in for more of your yummy postings..xoxo
Colleen said…
Great idea. I can't wait to give it a try.

Brilliant use of the crimper! You are just WAY too clever. LOVE the look it gives & all the possibilities. Genius!
Beth Norman said…
Thanks for this awesome tutorial. So easy and pretty.
fabulous tutorial! I've been snipping between the peaks and points trying to do exactly this.. you're a genious!
Tammy Q Howell said…
Great job! Looks complicated, but you have explained it so well. Thanks for the tut!
Sherry said…
Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial with us, I can't wait to try this out! I just love it when we can use products in more ways than the they were originally designed!
Unknown said…
Wow Ilina this is just fab, deffenetly gonna give a go. TFS
Nancy Ward said…

Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

I'd appreciate your letting me know if that's OK.


Nancy Ward
Ilina Crouse said…
Hi Nancy, that is fine. Thanks for asking me :) I appreciate it :)
Papillon Bleu said…
so great!!! thanks!!
kisses from belgium!!