Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I found my SD card!

Yes, I did find my SD card (in the trash can in my studio, I guess ended up being put there with some scraps from my desk, I am glad I decided to look in there, and found it between my scraps of paper, I am glad my trash can wasn't full so it was easy to spot it along all the paper in there).
Anyway, I thought this was interesting to share. As I said before Sean and I went to the North Georgia Premier outlets the other day. One of the stores that we stopped by was Eddie Bauer. And I picked up a shirt, because I liked the flowers and the colors of it, and reminded me of a stamp I have at home and I really like. And when we got home, I pulled out the stamp to show Sean, just to find out that the images are EXACT, except of course the shirt image is larger.
Note: the stamp is not Stampin' Up!

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