Monday, November 2, 2009

Holiday Gift Giving Guide, October Classes updates and November Classes Announcement

I am so sorry I haven't posted since Saturday. It's been an crazy weekend and I haven't done much creating. I have been feeling sick since Friday night, and today I am discovering that I feel extremely nauseous after eating bread/rice/past and the like. I know when I started being allergic to raisins the same thing was happening, after eating raisns I would feel extremely nauseous. So, I wonder what is it this time. I hope I discover soon, until then I will be staying away from the bread (though I LOVE it). On Saturday, Sean and I went to Ikea and got some good finds, I especially wanted to go for the BYGEL rods to hold my punches, I have two large ones, but apparently they are not enough anymore, so we picked up 4 more (from the smaller ones, since the large ones were out of stock), as well I got another desk for my laptop and my sewing machine, and the one I used for the computer is now my Big Shot Station. Sean was mounting the rods this afternoon, but he is not done yet. When finally I get everything in order I will show you some pics.

FOr those of you who ordered classes in October, I placed the orders yesterday and hopefully the order should arrive by the beginning of next week and by the end of next week I will be able to ship the class materials.

As for this month classes, they will be focused around Holiday Gift Giving and I will post the classes this week. The registration will close by the 20th and I am planning to ship the classes by the end of the month. So you have them on time to make the gifts.
I will have several different classes and instructions such as calendars (pocket calendars), recipe box, cards and tags in a tin, hot chocolate gift baskets (hot chocolate not included) and such.
I will post the first class tomorrow.

As well all classes will be shipped priority mail with insurance from now on, the shipping will be included in the price of the class. Many packages were damaged or lost during the past 2 months and I believe this is the best way to go.

As well I am close to the 200K mark, so watch out for blog candy coming soon too.

As well, please let me know what kind of class you would like to see in the future, or what kind of class for the Holidays. I may pull out something out of my sleeve :)

And now onto the SU! promotion. It's the Holiday Gift-Giving Guide. If you purchase $50 from the guide you will receive a decor elements up to $16.95 for free. You will need to enter it after entering the $50 from the guide. Click HERE to shop, as well the CLearance Rack is still there :)

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