Monday, November 16, 2009

Glitter Ornaments

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Here are some ornaments I made tonight. This year we decided that we'll get a Christmas Tree. After 5 Christmases together. So I like my tree to be uniform, so we decided to do red and gold ornaments. We picked up several boxes of glass ornaments in 3 sizes yesterday, and here is the first one. They are soooo easy to make.

Here is an ornament I made couple years ago for my MIL

Step 1:
Remove the cover of the ornament (the metal part), just be careful to not break the ornament.
Step 2:
drop several drops of classic ink refill, I used riding hood red and so saffron. Move the ornament so the ink spreads in the inside, and all spots are covered.
Step 3:
you may want to use gloves for this step. Using a funnel pour glitter inside, I used red and copper. Cover the opening and shake it up. Pour the glitter from the inside into a container to reuse it or in a coffee filter.
Let it dry and after couple hrs put back the metal parts and Voila :)


  1. Stunning! Please share a pic of the tree when you're done, if you have a chance. I'm sure it'll be fabulous!!!

  2. These are stunning, Ilina! I would love to see a picture of your tree, too!! Thanks for the inspiration. I've been wanting to make some...Mary

  3. Wow!! Forget about store bought stuff, this looks way better than that! Amazing! :)


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