Monday, October 5, 2009

Two More Digital Pages

I thought I would have some time for creating today, but I was wrong. I got up early in the morning and did some pilates/yogs before going to work. Then after work we went to Publix and Target to pick up few things, including a second new pillow, since the one we got last week was hurting my neck. Then Sean and I went to the gym, then home, had to make dinner, eat and it was already 9pm. Then I was too tired to do anything, so I watched the last episode of Brothers and Sisters, it almost made me cry, since my favorite aunt has lymphoma as well. Anyway, it's like 11.30pm and it's past bed time so I won't bore you anymore :) Here are two more 8"x8" scrapbook pages I made using My Digital Studio. It's so fun to play with it, and the scrapbook pages are so quick to make.

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