Saturday, October 3, 2009

Two Moose, or is it Mise, or Mooses

SO, yesterday wasn't the best day for me. I was looking forward having a shorter day at work, since I was working late on Wednesday. I was looking forward coming home and enjoying a quite and creative afternoon. But things didn't work my way. Instead I had to go run some errands. Ugh. And on top of everything there was all this hassle with the UPS guy.
Anyway...Have you ever wondered why Moose is its own plural? I find it very interesting. Why isn't Mooses, or Mise (like mouse- mice), or why Mouse's plural isn't Mouses...LoL...Originally I am not from the US, so I find this very interesting.
Here are two Moose for you :) Nurse and Ribbon Riley.
I am hoping to have more creations for you soon. I know I have been a slacker, but this week I have had very little time and on top of that I have been feeling sick :S yikes, I hope ain't the flu!

ENJOY! and before I forget Happy Cardmaking Day!


  1. Your cards always make me smile (and really want to buy spellbinder's nestabilities) :)

  2. Super cards! I really like the nurse moose. But both moose cards are great!


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