Sunday, June 21, 2009

Champagne Punch

So yesterday was a crazy day, mainly weather wise. I had the Farmers Market thing which started at 9am. Sean helped me get my stuff there and set up about 8.40am. At 8.59am it started pouring, and it didn't stop until 12.50pm, the marker was over at 1pm. My jeans were wet up to my knees, as they kept soaking the water from the rain on the ground, as well my sneakers. And with all my mind I didn't bring a jacket or sweatshirt. I always carry one!!! But not yesterday. So I was FREEZING. Anyway it was over at 1pm and I did pretty good after all.
As well yesterday was my graduation party and here is a drink I made, it's DELICIOUS!!! Our friend helped made all the grilled meet, he was the grill master and his wife helped me set up things as well cut the fruit for the punch.
As well I made a little grad hat favors :) Scroll down for the recipe for the punch, it's worth trying. It's so yummy that it's easy to get drunk ;-) but we didn't get there ;-)

Champage Punch

1 1/2 bottles Champagne
1 litre Fresca (1/2 bottle)
2 cans frozen pink lemonade
sliced fruit (strawberries, mango and peaches) - frozen is perfect (just thaw it slightly)

pour the champage into a large bown, then pour the pink lemonade (thawed), stir gently. Add the fruit. Then slowly add the Fresca to prevent over bubbling.
Serve with ladle.
All the liquids (champagne, fresca and lemonade) need to be cold :)


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