Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Class Offered- not the usual kind of class

First I wanted to post an update on the classes which registration closed on May 2nd. On Wednesday I received the supplies and I am putting the kits together. So they should be postal on Monday.
Register HERE

This Monday I am teaching stamping on scarves in my community (the registration is closed now for this event), but I decided to offer a kit by mail for those who are interested.

This is a new type of class I am offering.With this class you will receive three silk scarves (white) in different sizes : 6"x24" , 8"x54" and 11"x60", plus you will receive a whole set of craft ink spots (12), you can choose the color family (bold brights, earth elements, rich regals and soft subtles) and you will get instructions for the class emailed to you. As well you have the option to get the Baroque Motifs stamp set which I used to make the scarf pictured. For my scarf I used Earth Elements craft inks.

The ink spots are 1"x1"

The registration closses on June 1st and the classes will be mailed to you around the middle of June, as soon as I receive the supplies and put the kits together.

The prices incluse shipping within the United States

Register HERE

I will be posting my regular classes as well in the next few days.

Register HERE


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