Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simple Mother's Day cards - on hold

Ok this is so annoying. Finally I was able to put together a card, actually 2, but very simple , since I feel like my mojo has departed from me. The weather is hot, the school stress is high, I have 2-3 weeks left to finish up all projects, exams etc., dreams that haunt me that as transfer student there are new requirements and I can't graduate in June (what a nightmare?!?!)
Anyway, I feel stressed beyong limit, even whatever I say it doesn't make sense. My hubby was cracking up for something I said the other day, as it made NO sense whatsoever.

Anyway, I will try to upload my cards later, since this stinkin' computer doesn't like me (it's on it's way to its own death)
In meanwhile
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