Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just venting

scroll down for today's post (which is more creative then this one will be )LOL

So ok, I feel like I am losing my sanity. I feel like haunted by nightmares. And it's all about school.
To make the long story short, I am for the second time in my life right before graduation. I supposed to graduate FIVE years ago in Macedonia before I moved to the US, but it didn't happen. It's a long story...and I don't want to talk bad about anyone. But in a way he made me a favor.

So five years later, and 2.5-3 years at Drexel University as a transfer student, I am again on the door of graduation. Things are different now. But the history is haunting days ago I had a dream how few Drexel faculty members met with me, and a friend from PRIMARY SCHOOL!?!?! what's the chance that would ever happen??!?! And they told me since I am a transfer student I will need to take some extra classes, and take some exams, or I can't graduate!!! It was a horrible dream!!! Then I constantly have dreams of MATLAB scripts I need to write for my Senior Design.

3.5 weeks until the Senior Design is over. And I am not going to talk about my team mates. I will just say I like the Veggie Tales song " We are the pirates who don't do anything"....

Check back soon (probably tomorrow night, since I will be out all day in classes and working on my project) and I will have something for you :) I need to keep my sanity



  1. you poor thing!!! I can't wait til it's over too for your sake. when my hubby was done with that place I pretty much felt like doing kartwheels in the streets of West Philly.

  2. It WILL be over soon...and then you can party!


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