Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trendy Trees again

Here is just a quick post. School have been CRAZY this week, so many papers, projects, labs are due this week .I just submitted my report for my Senior Design project and wanted to post briefly before I dig into my English paper. The good thing is that this term is almost over, and there will be one more to go and then I am graduating in June. woohoo and we are hoping my mother to be able to come to visit us for my graduation... I really hope and pray she gets visa.
Enjoy the card and check back soon :)


  1. This is wonderful Ilina. I so love this set. I really need to ink up mine.

  2. Bet you are counting the days. We had a huge calendar and merrily wiped out each day in our last semester! Now of course, one realises they were really really good times and we shouldn't have wished them away so quickly!

    Hope your mum gets her visa. It is the best excuse for a visa I would think!

    Very pretty and cheerful card too :)


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