Friday, March 6, 2009

Scrapbook Friday

Thanks God it's Friday!!! WOOHOO! It's been CRAZY week at school, a lot of paper to write, a lot of homeworks to do etc...I have been staying up till 4am working on school work and got on;y few hours of sleep each night....So yesterday was one of the big deadline for submiting papers, and today I can finally relax a little and probably fit some time for stamping and cleaning my craft room.
As many of you know, I am not really a scrapbooker, but I am starting to scrap a little at a time. For me scrapbooking is very time consuming! But here is one scrapbook page I made, I was working for few days on it ...LoL...Enjoy!


  1. Not really a scrapbooker either but this is very inspiring and might get me started. - Jean

  2. Well, I AM a scrapbooker and I think this is absolutely gorgeous!! Keep up the great work!

  3. what great detail to your sb pages! they are awsome!

  4. Definitely NOT a scrapper but I do like your page Ilina.

  5. awesome page, Ilina!!! We were just talking about you at the meeting last night, wondering how you manage to get so much creating done with your busy schedule. we concluded that you must not sleep.


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