It's been crazy couple days

Hi all. It feels like it's been a while since I posted last time, but it's only 2 days I think. Life has been crazy, especially school. I had 2 exams and paper due yesterday and I got home at 9.30pm had dinner and by 10pm I was in bed!!!! So exhausted! But it's a new day today. And right now I am preparing the supplies for the Flower tote class, as you can see on the picture. I will be packaging them tomorrow and mailing them tomorrow or on Monday, depending how long is the post office open.
I need these ladies to contact me ( I need your addresses to ship your classes!!!! PLEASE email me at: )
Kristine Lutrario
Theresa Cramer
Lori Ikehara-Lyman
Barbara Vogt

Here are couple more Hanna Stamps! cards I made for the February release. Run to, there stamps are now available. They are so cute!!!The first one is made with Bowling Hanna and the second on is JI Joe Riley.


Jaspere said…
I know what you mean about being hectic. I feel the same way. Not posting on my blog for two days feels like a week has passed.