Thursday, November 13, 2008

Retired sets for sale

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I was cleaning my stampin room the couple weeks ago and found stamp sets I haven't used in a looong while and I doubt I am going to ever use them. So they are up for sale.
The prices are as listed + shipping(on top of the listed price)
payments (pay pal, personal checks and money orders)
I can ship first class and priority, usually flat rate priority mail is best for shipping stams, as the wood is kind of heave, if they are smaller sets and I can fit 2 in one priority mail envelope I will send it that way. If it's single set I can send it first class (assuming it's not a big set)

Around and About (like new) $5
All I have seen (slightly used) $7
Day to Day Flexible Phrases (slightly used) $7
All Natural (used) $8
Smorgasborders (slightly used) $7
Fall Whimsy (loved set i.e. used) $7
Watercolor garden (used) $12
Weathered (like new) $12
Roses in Winter (used) $17

I may have few more which I will post later (I still need some thinking to do about them, lol, it's hard to part with stamps)

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