Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fabric Flowers

Sorry, no card yet, still haven't gotten a chance to make one today. Yesterday I didn't make anything, since I had an exam at 11 and then had the deadline for submitting the proposal for my Senior Design Project. And I had sore throat and bad headache, so when I got home I had some Teraflu, slept till 7pm, went to Bible Talk where we had early Thanksgiving dinner, came back home and went to bed. LoL.
But I have something else to share, which I promised several days ago.
Last week I went to Michael's and saw some Fall Floral Stems at 80% off and Xmas for 50% The flowers looked small enough to be used on cards. And I thought of pulling them apart and using them on my cards, it will save me lots of $$ instead buying all those fabric flowers. So I did so. The last one is velvet hydrangea, which I pulled a part, and then made a box to store the flowers in. I still haven't made any storage boxes or dedicated jars for the rest, I am keeping them for now in zip-lock baggies. The box on the bottom was made of chocolate chip and really rust cardstock, and on the top is Juntos dsp.
After this I pulled apart the petals as well (that part is not shown :( , but they looked like the second picture down from here)


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