Saturday, October 25, 2008

From me to you box and a tutorial

Ok finally I finished the tutorial for the punch out flower. (Scroll down for it)
Warning: There are a LOT of pictures!
Here is a candy box I made and used the flower and leaves on it. Don't try to pronaunce the name of the candy, lol, it's my favorite candy and it's produced in Croatia (Europe), it's sooooo good! I was able to brig some back when I was in Macedonia (1 pound). Anyways, for the box I used chocolate chip and more mustard cs and the dimensions are 3.5x2.5 inches and it's 1" tall. For the top I used rectangular nestabillities, scallop and classic and more mustard and really rust cs. The sentiment is from the set Best Yet, which I stamped in chocolate chip craft ink and embossed it with clear ep.Then I added the flower and the leaves.

trio flower punch
1/4" circle punch
five petal flower punch
stylus, empressor, round pliers, twizers, tombow multi glue, pen, white gel pen(for pressing down the flower)
cardstock: so saffron, more mustard, really rust and old olive.
1. Instead of the tools listed above you can use the Punch Bunch tool kit which I received today, but I am not going to use it to make this flower.
2. Punch 3 more mustard and 3 really rust five petal flowers, 3 so saffron trio flower and 1 chocolate chip 1/4" cicrle.
3. Over punch the more mustard flowers, I usually put it on post it note so I can slid it in the punch easier and have better control of it.

4. Over punch the trio flowers as well, I punched them one by one, again using post it notes.
5. Here are all the parts for the flower.
6.Next I sponged the edges of the punch outs, on both sides with sponge doubers.

7. Now it's time for shaping the different parts of the flower. I started with the realy rust punch outs which will be down on the bottom of the flower. I pinched each petal with round nozzle (sp?)pliers and folded the sides up.

8. Then with a pen I pressed the flower down so the petals kind of lift up (I did this on a rubber mat, otherwise it wont work, you can use mouse pad as well)

9. Here are all three flower parts in really rust.
10. Next are the more mustard parts, I took the end of each petal with the pliers and curled it up. I repeated this for each petal and each flower part in more mustard.

11. Then with the pen (you can use the white gel pen as well) I pished down on the flower so the petals lift up and it looks more like a cup.

12. Then with my empressor stylus I "worked" the so saffron trio flowers, so the fibers in the cardstock get softened, and they will form a cuplike shape.

13. I did the same thing to the chocolate chip circle.
14. Here are all the parts.
15. Next I took one of the so saffron trio flowers and cut about 3/4 into the center, and overlaped two of the petals, so it can form a cone kind of shape, or more "cuped" shape, and glued it.

16. I did the same thing to one of the more mustard flowers, but I overlaped one petal, and glued it.

17. Now we can put the flower together. I put one really rust flower on bottom, and them on the second one I put tombow glue and secured it on top of the first one, then I did the same thing with the third one. I held my stylus pressing down, so it's glued nicely and securely. Just make sure that the petals are not on top of each other from the different layers, but slightly on a side, this gives it a nice 3-d look :)

18. Now it's turn for the more mustard parts, I did the same thing, in this case because we have one which is cut and glued with 1 petal overlaping, that one goes on top of the other 2.

19. Next I glued the chocolate chip circle inside the so saffron trio flower that was cut and glued with 2 petals overlaping.
20. Next I glued together the other 2 so saffron petals, making sure that they are not overlapping, but all petals (from both flowers can be seen), then I glued the both parts together (the flower with the chocolate chip circle, and the two flowers)

21. Then I glued the whole part in the middle of the flower, and pressed down for 30 sec. with my stylus so it's nice and secure.

22. And the flower is done!
23. For the leaves, I folded on half a piece of old olive cs, and cut by hand a leaf shape. Then with my stylus I made the skeleton of the leaf.

24. Then with paper shapers scissors I cut along the edges (the leaf is folded on half, so both sides get cut the same and in same time)
25. then I shaped with my fingers the edges of the leaves, curling them a little up, and here is the finished leaf :)


  1. Oh my goodness - the recipient would have to be someone VERY SPECIAL to receive that box. You did an outstanding job transforming the paper into a work of art!

  2. Wow! That's beautiful! Great technique, will have to give that a try.

  3. awesome, thanks for the tutorial!!! Deb from NH

  4. This is so cool! Thanks for the tutorial, especially for all the detail pictures. :)

  5. another gorgeous idea from Ilina! Thanks for sharing, Ilina.

  6. It's so cute and very impressive!
    Thanks so much for your detailed instructions and photos!

  7. I really like your leave technique, I'm definitely going to try it! Thanks


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